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My first computer was an Atari 400 in 1980. I later upgraded to the more expandable Atari 800 and taught myself BASIC programming. This early interest in computers and gaming led me to work part-time at Video Concepts in Crossroads Mall in Boulder (early '80's). As assistant manager and one of three sales persons we sold a variety of home electronics including Commodore Vic, Colecovision, Atari and TSR "Home" computers.

In 1983 I began working at Computer Connection, a small independently owned computer store in Boulder. Computer Connection sold a variety of home and business computer systems including KayPro, IBM PC & XT and the Apple II+, Apple III and the Lisa, the predecessor to the Macintosh.

Apple introduced the Macintosh in January, 1984. This was my first Apple computer in a long line of Macintosh's that I would own over the years: Mac Plus, Mac SE, SE30, Mac XL, IIX, IICI, IISI, G3, G4 and now Intel Macs.

I purchased my own computer store in Boulder, Colorado with 2 other partners in the late '80's. Connecting Point sold Apple and Windows compatible computers, software, supplies and service for nearly 15 years and this store was one of the top Apple resellers in Colorado.

In May, 2007 I joined the Apple Consultants Network.

I have built and maintain several websites using a Macintosh, iWeb (now EverWeb) and Photoshop. These sites include:

I am also an accomplished portrait and fine art painter and professional artist and a former professional dance instructor of over 12 years.

Examples of my art can be viewed at

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