Video Projects

Creative examples using iMovie, iPhone and a variety of inexpensive and free applications for your Mac, iPad and iPhone

Thriller at Sky Line Park

The Thriller Dance Project started as an out growth of a Halloween project in 2009. I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. This year we decided the theme was to be zombies, the undead and the living dead. Since I have been a professional dance instructor and am partners in our dance studio DanzArtZStudios it was only natural that we learn and then perform Michael Jackson’s The Thriller, right?

I used iMovie to edit several videos of the performances and iPhoto and Photoshop Elements to create a wonderful keepsake book of the event.

Garageband was used to create the sound track and sound effects were imported from CD or from files purchase from the iTunes store.

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The Summoning!

It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination, too much time and an iPhone.

The effect at the end of the video was created using Action Movie FX. It's a fun app for any aspiring iPhone Movie Maker.

Click on the link for more information.

Boarding House of Horrors!

Yet another example of having too much time on my hands.

This is a Stop-Motion video I created with the excellent iStopMotion app for the iPad and the iStopMotion Remote app for the iPhone.

The iPhone is securely setup on a tripod and remotely controlled via wifi by the companion iPad app that is used to snap each shot in sequence. When the sequence is complete, you can edit your video on the iPad. It takes some patience, but the results were worth it.

Click on the link for more information.

The Gathering - Kickstarter Fundraising Video

I volunteered to produce this video to help fund a Kickstarter art book project of which I was one of the 40 artists featured.

To help me read the script I used the Teleprompt+ app to set the pacing and scroll of words on my iPad as I sat in front of a tripod mounted iPhone recording me. The video was then edited in iMovie.

If you wish to see what a successfully funded Kickstarter project looks like, follow this link to our page.

Click on the link for more information.

Thriller on Adams Street

Much of the video shot in this movie was from my iPhone 3S. When an Xcel circuit breaker exploded at a neighborhood power substation, I recorded the chaos and then incorporated it into this movie.

I'll record events when they present themselves so that I can build a library of my own, personal, stock film footage. Likewise for photographs that I take. This way you avoid the possibility of having to pay royalties for film, images or even music you might like to use in your productions.

Whenever possible, try to be the creator of all aspects of the project you are working on.

Digital video creation and editing on the Mac, iPad or iPhone is made easier with iMovie. Other apps can take your video production to the next level by adding things like special effects, graphics, sound effects and music. Additionally, adding a few extras like special lenses, dollies, mics, drones, and video stabilizers to your production kit can help you create the look you really want.

Here are just a few examples I created with mention of some other apps I've used.